The Beginning…

Welcome to my blog, the Art of Instructional Design!  I chose the name because whenever I design a curriculum or a learning space, I  view myself as an artist creating a masterpiece.  I put my heart and soul into it just like an artist would a painting.  I like to inspire learners to think critically and send them down the path of self discovery!  I like to feel connected to my learners so I can best teach them based on their unique learning styles and needs.  I also strive to connect learners to the content.    I learn from my students just like they learn from me!  I love gaining new perspectives! 

It is one thing to study instructional design and learning theories, but it is another thing to actually be able to educate and motivate learners, to clearly and effectively communicate with them, cause them to think criticaly and outside the box, involve them in the learning process, ensure they take responsibility for their own learning, relate with them, draw upon their real life experiences, assess their progress, truly change their behavior so they are able to utilize the knowledge in the real world, solve problems, and inspire them to continue learning.  To me, that is the Art of Instructional Design!


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