Instructional Technology Recipe for Learning Stew

My own personal definition of instructional technology:

Instructional Technology is a modern approach to teaching and learning that utilizes technology to facilitate learning and improve performance. This is done by analyzing, designing, developing, implementing, and evaluating technological processes and resources for learning.

Instructional Technology Learning Stew

(makes one serving per student)

In order to prepare a large pot of Learning Stew for your learners, follow the recipe I have created.  If you follow it correctly you WILL produce learning results! 

Caution: Before you even think of adding extra tasty ingredients of technology or a teaspoonful of any other spicy learning tool or manipulative, always take into consideration the outcome of your learning recipe: the learning goals and objectives.


Step 1
Toss in five large cups of learning medley to enable learners to take responsibility for their learning, to become actively involved and participating, and to think critically and creatively.  Feel free to add other ingredients to the pot to increase the learning flavor.  Choose questions, activities, and tools wisely.

Step 2
Sprinkle in a dash of reading, writing, creativity, researching, communication and collaboration. 

Step 3
Evaluate all ingredients (tools and techniques) to foster learning in the manner listed above. 

Step 4
Simmer on low for two hours or until Learning Stew is thoroughly cooked.

Step 5
Serve Instructional Technology Recipe to learners.  Yum!

Step 6
End result: a hearty bowl full of learning!

Note: If you have “cooked up” technological tools that will help you achieve your goals and objectives and that will enable learners to become active learners and critical thinkers, then you have successfully prepared your Instructional Technology recipe for Learning Stew.


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