Past Teaching Practices

I have been reading about the history of instructional design.  It is very interesting to see all the different fads come and go and how many thought TV and radio and other types of “teaching machines” would revolutionize education.  While I love the idea of implementing technology in training, we should ask ourselves if what we are using is the most effective and efficient teaching/training tool.  We should also keep in mind that in the past there were lots of fads that soon faded out.  Let’s be mindful of these “fads” and not get caught up in the hype. 

On the other hand, we shouldn’t get caught up in past practices.  After all, the past does not equal the future.  So instead of looking at the present through a rear-view mirror, let’s embrace a new “medium” and not use it the same as we did or would have used old “medium”.  Let’s not march backwards in the future but rather move ahead with conviction and a new way of thinking.  Let’s not be afraid of change!

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